District Mowing Maps

Note: Mowing operations begin in mid- to late April and areas shown on these maps are mowed continuously in the rotation sequence as shown in the legend until the mowing season ends in late October/early November. The dates and time of actual mowing at each location are largely determined by weather conditions such as rain or drought.

State Road or Local Road?

If you spot a roadway hazard but aren't sure who to contact, visit our State-maintained roads web page to find out.

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* Sidewalks - State Roads

The care and maintenance of sidewalks (including those along State maintained roadways) is the responsibility of the corresponding municipality. RIDOT maintenance responsibilities fall between curb to curb of the roadway. RIDOT will maintain state owned assets (such as catch basins) located within sidewalks. However, it is up to each municipality to maintain the surface and structure of sidewalks. Under State Statute (see below) maintenance and repair of sidewalks is the responsibility of the municipality, including keeping them clear of debris and brush.

For more information please see State Statute: Title 24 "Highways"

Federal Aid System Roads