Washington Bridge Closure


The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) designs, constructs, and maintains the state's surface transportation system. This includes not only roads and bridges but also...

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Traveler Information

A gateway to RIDOT's statewide system of Travel Cameras, Travel Advisories and other important commuter information...

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Featured Projects

A portal to RIDOT's projects and programs, including everything from construction projects to our latest anti-litter initiatives...

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Accelerating the Comeback: Investing in Infrastructure

To stimulate growth that includes everyone, we need to attract businesses, build skills, and modernize our infrastructure. Rebuilding our roads and bridges will accelerate our economic comeback both because it will put people to work now, and because it will make Rhode Island a more attractive place for businesses to invest.

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RIDOT's quarterly report is an important step toward earning the public's trust in the Department and being accountable to the taxpayers of the State of Rhode Island...


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